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Talk As Long As You Want
Home Phone Plus
For 12 months
  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • Choice of up to 10 calling
  • 5 cents per minute Nationwide
    Long Distance
Or choose Unlimited Nationwide plan for only $45.00/mo‡

High-Speed Internet + Unlimited Nationwide Calling.

2 Great Services. 1 Locked-In Low Price. Starting at $59.95/mo. Price Guaranteed for 5 years, no-term commitment required. Connection speeds up to 7 Mbps.
Popular Features
Complete Control
Peace of Mind
Choice of up to 10 calling features
  • Custom Ringing: Assign custom ring tones to sprecific numbers
  • 3-Way Calling: Talk to two different people at the same time
  • Highly reliable network

Don't worry if you aren't sure which plan to pick

You can change your plan at any time.


* QWEST $45 Home Phone Plan:

Residential customers only.
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Voice Services: Monthly rates displayed are typical rates for unlimited local calling, but this rate may vary depending on where you live within your state. Additional charges include extended area service charges, monthly zone increment charges, zone connection charges, as well as taxes, regulatory charges, surcharges, and other fees. Qwest also offers basic local service on a measured or message basis (per call or per message charges) which may offer a lower monthly, base rate. For rates and availability of measured service or message basis service, call 1 800-244-1111. Promotional offers: Offer available to new and existing Qwest customers. Offer limited to one promo credit per account. Qwest® Home Phone: Feature availability varies by customer. One time service activation fee applies.

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